Looking forward to lecturing.

I am presently very pleased to be part of the line up at ‘The Tri-City Three of Clubs Convention’ from November 2nd-4th in the beautiful town of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. The convention links up three of my favorite cities, Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle.

Murray Hatfield first approached me about this nearly a year ago and I am very excited to be lecturing and performing at the event. Amongst others the convention features, Jon Armstrong, Eric Bedard, Tony Chris, Steve Dickson, Andrew Goldenhersh, Murray Hatfield and Teresa, Tony Pierce, Ryan Pilling and David Morris.

The convention includes 6 Lecture, 3 Stage Shows and a Close-up Show. It sounds like a blast and being based in Victoria is a serious plus point. I want to thank Murray for including me in the line-up! Come along and join us for the fun, you can get the full details by clicking on


I am currently in Halifax and sailing towards Boston. I pick up a different ship there and continue too St. Thomas in the Caribbean. The only negative on the horizon is the Hurricane Sandy (or, as it is now being dubbed in the press ‘Frankenstorm’) is lurking along the way! Things might get rough and rocky en route to Victoria, but I’m a very good sailor.

I recently lectured at the Magic Castle, for the first time in 30 years and really enjoyed doing so. It is a little intimidating to look out into the audience at your lecture and see some heroes and inspirations sitting out front, however, the lecture was a smash and a highlight of my year so far.

I am also appearing next year at the International Battle of Magicians in Canton, Ohio. The dates of the convention are May 2nd-4th.  I have heard about this convention many times from my old buddy Billy McComb who always used to say it was one of the craziest around. Sounds right up my alley! Te details for the convention are available at http://www.battleofmagicians.com

I am very happy to be slowing down my travels and work schedule next year and getting a chance to perform and lecture at some magic events. There seems to be an entire generation of magicians who are more familiar with me from my various columns and articles than they are as a performer. After making a great living performing magic for over 40 years as a full time pro, it is great to return to my roots a little and show magicians what my work is all about. I really enjoy getting to meet and know my readers in person.

I have spent a year putting the finishing touches to my new lecture and coming up with a cool product line of commercial effects to share with the magic fraternity. The lecture includes an entire spectrum of magical routines that range from stage to strolling magic. Over the course of my career so far, I have performed just about every kind of magic there is to do. It is now a very real pleasure to share some of my secrets, information and routines with other magicians. Those stage shows and cabaret performances are really fun too!

In January, Susan and I are moving to Austin, Texas and really getting to work on booking my lecture and convention engagements. If you are interested in having me appear at an event you are involved in, send an email to get any details and availabilities. The email address to contact is


There are more details about the lecture and some really great magical items in my online store, plus some great video that is unavailable anywhere else!

Check out my website, at www.nicklewin.com



~ by Nick Lewin on October 27, 2012.

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