‘Michael Finney’s Dry Heat Classic Heat 2001’

Everyone in the magic world knows what a gem we have in our midst with Michael Finney. He is a brilliant comedy magician, a true patriot and a philanthropist, and also performs the funniest rope routine in magic! As promised in my last blog, I want to take the time this week to tell you about a project that is near and dear to his heart.

In the past 15 years ‘The Michael Finney Foundation’ has nurtured the ‘Dry Heat Classic from modest beginnings and transformed it into one of the countrie’s most eagerly anticipated charity events. Michael Finney is Arizona’s master comedian magician and he has added magic to the lives of all the people who have been affected by his tirelessly philanthropic nature.

As a result of Michael’s foundation, over $900,000 has been donated to a variety of worthwhile charities in the last 15 years. This isn’t how much money was raised, but is how much cash has actually ended up going to assist needy children. Every donation of $6000 can provide open-heart surgery for a child, surgery that would normally cost $150,000. That is an amazing amount of lives touched and transformed, and each year the numbers keeps increasing.

The recipients from ‘The Dry Heat Classic 2012’ charity golf tournament also include ‘Gift of Life,’ ‘Operation Smile,’  ‘Wounded Warriors’ and ‘The Arizona Spinal Cord Injury Association’—a chapter of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. The ‘Dry Heat’s’ sweet sixteen celebration will spread some very sweet relief to a wide range of excellent causes during the year ahead.

At the heart of the foundation, and supervising every step of the tournament, are Michael and his multi-talented wife Lori SooHoo Finney. Together they have developed an unbeatable format for making ‘The Dry Heat Classic’ a highlight event for all their attendees. There formula is simple, they do it by throwing a great three-day party where golf, fine food and world-class entertainment are blended together into an irresistible package.

I had the pleasure of taking part in the ‘Dry Heat’ two years ago and can tell you first hand just how much fun it is. If you have the chance to attend I can promise you an event you will never forget. Whether you attend for the golf, the magic or the comedy you are in for a treat.

The beautiful ‘Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino’ and the ‘Whirl Wind Golf Course’ are the location of the ‘Dry Heat Classic’ and they are the perfect place to house an event of this nature, making a superb base for every aspect of the activities. They comprise a perfect blend of design, location and spirit, which elegantly highlights each facet of the three-day celebration.

One of America’s most sought after stand-up performers, Finney persuades many of his best friends in the world of comedy, magic, sports and entertainment to join him each year for this special event. In fact the various shows that accompany the tournament have become so popular that a special package is now available for non-golfers who just want to attend the fine dining and entertainment events.

A multi-award winning magician, Michael succeeds in presenting many of the world’s most prestigious magical entertainers during his gala events. This year is no exception and the tournament is hosting a special tribute to one of magic’s most iconic teams, the legendary, Mark and Nani Wilson. As stars of groundbreaking network TV series, such as the ‘Magic Land of Allakazam’ Mark and Nani’s live and television appearances have been a huge influence to entire generations of magicians.  Mark and Nani will be accompanied at the tournament by their son Greg and his beautiful wife Ayako.

During the festivities, guests of honor Mark and Nani Wilson will be joined onstage by such magical notables as; Steven Bargatze, Mike Douglas, Kenton Knepper, Max Krause, Fielding West, Greg Wilson, Larry Wilson, Ken Scott, Luna Shimada, and Brad Zinn. The magic featured will be world class and unique in its breadth and scope. From dazzling close-up miracles to stunning full-scale illusions, there are guaranteed to be gasps of amazement throughout.

Adding laughter to the shows will be a host of comedians familiar to television viewers.  Adding comedic pizzazz to the event are funnymen; Nate Bargatze, Bruce ‘Babyman’ Baum, David Gee, Denny Johnston, Jack Mayberry, Tom McTigue, John Mendoza, and the emotional and highly anticipated return to the ‘Dry Heat’ by the beloved comedy team O’Brien & Valdez. A host of other celebrities from the sporting and entertainment world will also be in attendance.

From July 26th to the 28th, the stars will be shining as brightly inside ‘The Wild Horse Hotel and Casino’ as in the desert skies above the resort. Best of all, when the party winds down, there will be a wonderful residual benefit, another sizeable contribution to some truly deserving charities. Congratulations to Michael and Lori are in order for the wonderful job they do year after year with this event.

For registration and full details of ‘The Dry Heat Classic’ click on their website at www.dryheatclassic.com

If you want to check out my website go to www.nicklewin.com

~ by Nick Lewin on July 13, 2012.

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