‘How to make a great living performing magic on cruise ships.’

I am proud and happy to let readers of my blog know that I have just enjoyed two very special anniversaries within the last month. Firstly I celebrated my 60th birthday, and secondly I have just finished my sixth year of writing my weekly column for Magic New Zealand

I have always tried to have a long-term goal in mind, in relation to my life and career. My goal upon reaching 60 was to drastically slow down my almost non-stop performing schedule and concentrate on my writing. Oh, and just to enjoy life a little less hectically!

Susan and I recently moved from Las Vegas back to Los Angeles, and are now planning our move to the wonderful city of Austin. I plan to spend at least the next 20 years writing, and sharing some of the knowledge that I have acquired during my 42 years as a full-time professional magician.

I am not going to stop performing shows; I am just going to enjoy the luxury of living a more selective life in doing so. I want to smell the roses and enjoy my morning cup of coffee in my own backyard more mornings in the year!

As I have previously mentioned in these pages, part of this goal was achieved with the upcoming publication of my most cherished routines, ‘ Nick Lewin’s Ultimate Linking Finger Ring Routine.’ It is a limited edition book/DVD and CD package that is a goldmine for working professionals.

Priced at $350 dollars it is not for the dabbler and that was the point, I am pleased to say that it has already received enough orders that it looks like it will be totally sell out—without any formal advertising. I am now pleased to announce that my next book will be available within the next month.

Over the years writing for MNZ and various other magic magazines, I have written a number of columns about the business of entertaining in the cruise ship market. They have always achieved the most interest and feedback of any of the articles I have written. I decided to write an entire book teaching the entire scoop on how to enter and achieve success in this highly lucrative form of work.

This is a topic I know something about, as I have worked in this market for over 40 years. I can, in all modesty say, that I am considered to be one of the highest paid and highly regarded performers within this, highly specialized, field of entertainment. It has made me a lot of money, taken me to some great places and kept me busy regardless of what the state of the industry was in other areas.

 I have read several books written about this topic, and while enjoying them, I felt they have all missed the mark. I wanted to write something that was simple, direct and of true assistance to any performer considering this line of work. There is a great deal of work available in this blossoming area and the average magician has a good shot at acquiring some of it!

I recently completed my book, and in honesty I am stunned by how much practical and previously unprinted information, I have been able to gather into one book. It is genuinely an A to Z treatise on the ‘ins and outs’ of the topic, and can be of invaluable assistance to any performer. Surprisingly enough much of the information is just as applicable to other forms of magical work.

I am charging a much more modest fee for this book than my ‘Linking Finger Ring Routine’ and it will be available next month (as an old fashioned ink and paper book) for US $ 24.95 postage free to anywhere in the world. Later, I may make it available as an iBook. I feel this is the future of publishing a book such as this.

I honestly believe this may be one of the most valuable additions to the library of any performer wishing to expand his performing career and make more money by using his skills and talents. I am very proud of the ‘insanely simple’ way it breaks down a complex topic and makes it highly accessible to the average working magician.

I will be selling the book online for it’s first edition, and will be accepting credit card/checks and other forms of payments through the safe, secure and simple ‘PayPal’ system. All copies can be personalized and signed on request. If you are interested in securing an advance copy of this book contact me at nicklewin1@mac.com to place your order,

~ by Nick Lewin on March 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “‘How to make a great living performing magic on cruise ships.’”

  1. Congratulations Nick. Anyone who gets there hands on this book will be in good hands. I certainly have learnt a lot from you and wouldn’t be where I am today without your help, wise words, knowledge and professionalism. Thank you. Emma

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