The Grammy Awards. My take.

Enough with the Grammy talk already. The music industry may act for an evening like a family, but for the other 364 days in the year it’s a powerfully dysfunctional one.

Let’s weep about Whitney for a night, however, the rest of the year we embrace the pressures, expectations and greed that enable talented rockheads like Whitney to die at 48. While our sister industry TV gives a reality show to the asshole/enabler husband who helped create this pathetic train wreck that everyone is shocked died after she spent so much time, energy and money trying to destroy herself.

This is an industry that takes raw talent, chews it up, spits it out and then wrings its hands when thae talent self destructs. The real heart and soul of Whitney’s label were already checking the vaults to find rejected material to convert into a ‘best of the rest’ album, even before they were putting on sad faces and expressions of shock at the inevitable news. They did that with Amy Winehouse, and couldn’t wait to release an inferior album while the news was hot.

The entertainment industry sure does a good job of mounting the bullshit sentimental tributes to it’s money makers though. Oh wait—that’s their job.

~ by Nick Lewin on February 13, 2012.

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