Seven Magical New Year Resolutions for 2012.

At this time of year it is certainly a nice exercise to come up with seven resolutions for the upcoming year. I thought I would share them with our readers. Your job is to decide which are serious and which are not!

1  Throw away all the silks in my act that have frayed edges on them or weird stains in them. Part two of this resolution is to make sure that any rope I use in my act looks brand new and fresh. This is a cheap and easy way to subtly improve the act. I should also remake my tossed deck too, well, maybe that can wait another year. Should I replace my thumb tip too? I just got it really nicely broken in—damn, I probably should.

 2   Keep performing David Regal’s ‘Restored Credit’ trick on every occasion possible. The fastest, flashiest and most eye-popping piece of magic I have added to my repertoire in a long time. It was a great holiday present from my pal ESP Lodge—-thanks SP! On a similar note I had better re-make my set of ‘Extreme Burn’ bills having spent the hundreds involved in the last version I constructed. Note to self—-make it with $20’s this time so that I am less likely to spend them on a visit to the ‘Apple Chapel.’

3    Time to re shoot and edit my promotional video. 6 minutes is too long now, what ever happened to people actually wanting to know what you do in the show? I should probably re-Photoshop my 8X10’s to look a couple of pounds skinnier and a few years younger. This resolution cut’s out the normal eat less/better and exercise more one that usually hits my list.

 4   Cut out the extra ‘hack’ lines that have snuck into my act due to laziness and that spirit of malaise that Obama assures me has overtaken our country. Try and continue putting a new joke into the act for every show, however, remember to cut those old ‘comfortable’ but dated ones.

5   Keep in better touch with some of my oldest and dearest friends in magic. You figure they will be around forever, but it just doesn’t work that way. I must also make some new friends and learn to appreciate them as much as some of the giants in magic I have been blessed to know in my first 40 plus years in magic. Maybe it is time to finally discard Ken Brooke’s ‘11th Commandment’ about avoiding spending time with magicians, as they will mess with my performing skills for lay audiences.

6   As an addendum to resolution 5, I will start to perform at magic conventions and lecture to magic groups on a regular basis. I have a lot of very good and practical information to share. It is time to start doing it. The New Zealand Magic Convention later this year is a great start to this policy.

7   Stop being negative about the ‘Baffling Bra’ trick when I write my columns (I’m not changing the way I feel about it—just what I write!) and stop making unnecessary swipes at Franz Harary and Steve Wyrick, no—let’s not go too far!

Happy New Year!

~ by Nick Lewin on January 4, 2012.

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