Another disaster story………a quite revealing one!

Especially for his birthday, I want to share this story about Alan Watson, my Kiwi brother and editor from Magic New Zealand, that kinda’ got me thinking about writing up some disaster stories. I don’t think this story is that much of a disaster—but a pretty amazing moment!

As my regular readers know, I am no great fan of the ‘Baffling Bra’ trick. Just a personal thing and not based on the fact that it usually gets a big laugh—so does whacking your thumb with a hammer—but I exclude that for reasons of personal comfort! However………

Alan was performing the ‘Bra Trick’ at an event recently and had a once in a lifetime (unless the comedy Gods are kind!) event take place. At the end of the regular routine, as the girl is starting to leave the stage, after the trick he has added a little ‘kicker’ line and says, “Wait till next time she goes to the restroom!” and pulls a pair of ladies underwear out of his pocket and shows them to the audience.

The result of ‘kicker’ is usually a big laugh, but on this particular occasion it nearly brought the house down. After he did it, the female assistant immediately pulled her skirt up above waist level and it was very apparent that she wasn’t wearing ANY underwear, she then screamed and left the stage! Now that takes the trick to another level………

If you could guarantee this kind of a moment every time you did the trick, I would have to reconsider my opinion of the trick. Nothing gets laughs like a good dose of the old shock factor! Then again, we might have to have someone re-invent the old chains of Burlesque theaters just to house the magic acts.

If you have any good ‘disaster’ or ‘once in a blue moon’ stories send me an email and maybe we can make this a monthly feature. We all need a good laugh over what we do in magic. I have always felt that a Magician who takes what he does to seriously may just be the Worlds deadliest creature!

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~ by Nick Lewin on November 23, 2011.

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