From Istanbul to San Antonio—-all for the love of magic!

I would have to say yesterday was one of the longest days (actually day and a half, with the time difference) of my life. I travelled from Istanbul  to San Antonio for the TAOM magic convention. I joined it in mid-swing and it seems like a great convention already. The Hilton Hotel is situated right on the Riverwalk, and is a beauty. The bar was hopping and I enjoyed a couple of tequilas and beers there before collapsing for 3 hours sleep. I never used to even notice time changes but now…………

It was already a highlight getting to catch up with Gaetan Bloom and also getting to say, “Hi” to Wayne Dobson for the very first time. Gaetan and I are on the Gala Show tonight, and tomorrow I lecture at 8.00 am. Let’s see how wide awake I am tomorrow morning at that time! That should be about when the jet lag whiplash kicks in big time.

Of major excitement will be my first visit to the Alamo. What a great piece of living history that will be to add to my travels. I woke up yesterday and was looking at the Blue Mosque and this morning the Alamo–this is some crazy lifestyle. Even better, in a couple of days I will be eating bar-b-que in Austin at ‘Stubbs’ and the ‘Saltlick’—now that is living!

~ by Nick Lewin on September 4, 2011.

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