Street Theatre—-slightly better organized than most clubs!

I was recently in Amsterdam and got to meet up with Mark Cmor. Mark is a very talented street performer who showed me a great deal about the art and politics of street theatre. Hailing from Toronto, Mark has spent the last ten years performing in Amsterdam.

I was really impressed at how the regulars in ‘Dam Square’ divide up the performing time and set their schedules.

The true art form was the performers ability to take a block of sidewalk and a raggedy bunch of passers by and turn things into a clearly defined performing area with an honest to God audience. Oh, then there is the fine art of getting cash out of the crowd! I have never done any style of street performing and it was a delight to take photographs and conduct interviews on the topic. I learned a lot and I am busy writing a full article about the process. Not totally sure where/when it will be published but probably not my old favorite Magic New Zealand as I have some very cool photos with it.

This picture is an Acorn attempt to combine the Street Theatre with my love of Street Art.

~ by Nick Lewin on August 8, 2011.

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