Yippee! Getting jazzed about Texas.


I am really getting excited and looking forward to is my upcoming appearance at the TAOM Convention in San Antonio this Labor Day weekend. My performances at Magic Conventions have been very, very limited in the last twenty years; in fact they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Basically, I have been too busy working at non-magician events and so far it has worked out pretty darn well

On the other hand, a trip to the city of San Antoine with a side trip to one of my favorite spot in the states, Austin TX are just too good to miss. I am counting down the days to my first Lone Star Beer and that first bite of Texas barbeque. I am dusting of my favorite duster and cowboy hat—-I am dead serious about that, as I am a devoted faux cowboy.

The committee have organized a truly World Class line-up of performers and lecturers and I am honored to be amongst them. Just to give you a taste of the talent, Gaetan Bloom, Wayne Dobson, Tom Stone, John Archer, Nathan Kranzo, Jon Racherbaumer, Quentin Reynolds, David Acer, Kurt Miller, David Kaplan and Amos Levkovitch. Yikes. 

There will be three stage shows in the gorgeous Lila Cockrell Theatre, twelve lectures, close-up and stage contests and a late night Bizarre show. The HQ for the event will be at the Hilton Palacio del Rio, which means the always-exciting San Antonio Riverwalk will be in our backyard. If you want more details about the event click on their website www.taom2011.com

I hope any of you who have read any of my stuff will make a point of saying “Howdy,” to me at the event. It is always a pleasure to meet my ‘magical pen-pals’  and cyber-‘friends’ from Facebook in person.



~ by Nick Lewin on August 2, 2011.

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