‘Siegfried & Roy: Unique in all the World’ the ultimate tribute!

I was honored and excited today when I received an early copy of the new book ‘Siegfried & Roy: Unique In All The World.’ To say that I’m impressed by this work of art is a gigantic understatement, I may have to look for new phrases and invent new words to pay full regard to their achievement.

My regular readers will know the slightly obsessive affection I have for the physical packing involved when presenting a product to the public. From Norm Nielsen’s rubber dove to Apple’s latest laptop, I just love the feeling you get when you see packaging that is practical, functional and combines them into an esthetic statement.

With performers as ‘over the top’ as Siegfried & Roy you would expect the packaging of the project to be just as ‘over the top.’ It is. By the time you get to the final box that houses the book, DVDs and artifacts, you instinctively know that you have something very special in your hands. You do. Opening the package (which weighs as much as a large dog or a small tiger) a pair of white gloves is revealed which gives you an idea of the precious contents. This isn’t a book you want to leave fingerprints on! The very act of donning those gloves to finally remove the oyster from its shell is enough to cause the most hardened heart to beat a little faster.The actual book is housed in a magnificent box that also contains three exclusive DVDs and a secret compartment.

In movie reviews they often warn you that a ‘spoiler’ is coming up that might interfere with your enjoyment of the plot. That has never once stopped me from reading the rest of the review. I am going to act accordingly.I’m not going to give any hints, or ‘spoilers’ about what ‘secrets’ this compartment contains. However, let’s just say they are unique, original and priceless to any true magician or collector. The attention to detail is immaculate and the selection of ‘goodies’ will delight any purchaser and bring shivers in the spine to collectors. The actual book is about the size and weight of a medieval Bible and I will warn you in advance to open the book on a table or your arms will develop Popeye muscles by the time you finish reading the book. I should also inform you that once you start reading the book you won’t want to stop—trust me!

The story of these two remarkable men will grab you instantly; it is a classic story of following a vision and creating reality from a dream. You will be amazed by how much of that journey you knew about, how much you kind of’ knew and how little you really know about these icons.

I seldom write in Magic New Zealand about magical products unless I feel passionately about them. It’s not my style. However, I happily, proudly and without reservation recommend this landmark magical production. Given its limited edition of only 500 copies each one signed and numbered, ‘Siegfried & Roy: Unique In All The World’ may well become the ultimate collectable in the magic world.

This is not an inexpensive book to purchase, because this was not a cheap book to publish but the sheer extravagance and ‘over the top’ way it has been presented will probably never be repeated. You won’t ever be seeing a paperback or downloadable version of the book—it would be impossible.

If you truly consider yourself a serious student of magic, a collector or just a financial investor, I suggest that you go immediately to the publishers website http://www.noesispublishing.com/SRbook.phpand see if there are copies still available.

Then—Buy One!

I feel absolutely certain you will never regret it. Think of the joy of being one of the lucky 500 people are going to feel the excitement of opening the box, putting on your gloves and turning the pages to share them with their magical cohorts. You will have to warn them not to salivate on the pages— maybe they should have included bibs as well as gloves!

Congratulations to Diana Zimmerman, Paul Stone and Robert Gould and everyone else associated with the project.You have succeeded in creating a book that is “Unique In All The World.’

~ by Nick Lewin on January 15, 2011.

One Response to “‘Siegfried & Roy: Unique in all the World’ the ultimate tribute!”

  1. Hello i picked up one of these books / over the weekend
    Does anybody know ,,what all it should come with ? Or where the # is / 500 copies ? Its the identical book ,,with some memobrabelia etc . ? Thanks

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