What a Production Manager can do for you……..

I just had the pleasure of finishing a cruise on the Celebrity Millennium. I frequently get asked questions from people who want to, or have just started cruise work. I took the opportunity to shoot an 8 minute video with Erin Heare. Erin is the production manager onboard the ship and one of the very best I have worked with. She shares some great information!

I wanted to break the industry favorite a ‘steady cam’ so I invented something new for this video; a ‘shakey cam!’ Well, OK it’s me operating my Flip camera immediately after drinking TWO Red Bulls. However if you are watching this clip for the video quality and not the insights involved, you shouldnt be’ watching it at all.

I am preparing a seminar that covers cruise work from A-Z , but I couldn’t bare not to share this great little interview. Thank you Erin!

~ by Nick Lewin on November 7, 2010.

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  1. This is terrific advice, Nick. Thank you!

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