Siegfried & Roy: Unique in All the World.

Diana Zimmerman has done something that really needed to be done in the magic world. She has edited/written the ultimate book on the World’s greatest phenomenon Siegfried & Roy. With tacky ‘tell all’ books appearing on the scene, telling what nobody needed to know, Diana has created a one of a kind tribute to the legendary team.

Siegfried & Roy: Unique in All the World promises to be one of the most collectable books to ever hit the magic scene. You can now pre-order from the publisher from the signed and numbered limited first edition. It will define a new standard for content, quality, and production for collectable editions within the magic field as evidenced by the pre-publication sale at auction in London of Book #1 for $3,000.00.

This isn’t your ordinary book, Siegfried & Roy: Unique in All the World will immerse the reader in their extraordinary spirit and magical world like never before. It is brim full with unique items and facsimile from the private collection of Siegfried & Roy and other items from magic’s greatest collectors. This is a book treasure in its meticulous attention to detail, I suspect the big decision in years to come will be whether you can bare to part with it when the price of copies soar.

Rare historical show posters and tickets, personal Christmas cards, tour marketing materials and merchandise, costume and set designs, photographs, handwritten letters and notes, actual swatches from costumes and stage materials and much more will be faithfully reproduced or included. Many of these items are designed to be removable for the reader’s examination and pleasure.

The book has contributions from some of magic and show business’ most illustrious names in order to examine in prismatic style in order to explore every aspect of magic’s greatest duo. It is filled with incalculable personal insights and perspectives into the life and career of Siegfried & Roy. I contributed a short essay (of which I am inordinately proud) and describe the impact of seeing Siegfried and Roy for the first time.

The special pre-order price of this collector’s limited edition is $595, which is a hundred dollar discount on the publication cost. Part of the proceeds from sales will benefit the SARMOTI Foundation and MagicCares™. In my humble opinion (OK, I’m not really that humble!) this is truly an investment as collectors from many non-magical sources will be anxious to own this hunk of Las Vegas history.

Thank you Diana for producing such a realistically flamboyant and ‘over the top’ tribute to the two men returned magic into a full-scale production masterpiece instead of just a filler between set pieces. Diana worked with Robert Gould and Paul Stone in achieving this landmark publication. It was something that needed doing and you succeeded spectacularly.

For many of us living in Las Vegas it was the end of a very special era in our cities history. In many ways it was the start of the downfall of magic in the neon city. To this day several acts make a good living in Vegas with shows that feature the words TIGERS or WHITE TIGERS in lettering larger than the performers names. Take this opportunity to grab a piece of history and make an investment in this unique labor of love.

The book is published by Noesis Publishing and a visit to their website will tell you all the details in an 18 page, illustrated PDF file.

~ by Nick Lewin on October 13, 2010.

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  1. I inherited “Unique in all the World” new. Would like to sell. What would its value be?

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