Fun Projects I’m Happy to be Involved in!

Greetings to everyone out there in the digital world, I want to use this space to catch you up on a couple of recent, and a future projects that I am lucky enough to be involved in.

As many of you will know, I am a very big fan of the work of Ron Wilson and consider him to have been one of the most commercial and effective magicians that I have  ever seen. I am delighted to say that Ron has completed a book of his magical memoirs, it is a must read for people who want to know a little more about the ‘actual’ flesh and blood men behind the legends of magic. Anyone with a true love of magic will be unable to put this volume down. It is also lavishly illustrated with rare photographs from many private sources.

I was very proud when Ron asked me to write the introduction to the book. I was even more excited when Imanaged to fly down to Los Angeles to interview Ron as part of a DVD that will be included with each copy of the book. I got to ask Ron many questions that I knew very few people would have been able to answer.

The video also includes footage from Ron’s classic Castle act and I was able to discuss these gems of magic as someone who has studied them for 40 years. Ron had great and insightful answers. There is also footage of R. Wilson performing Ron’s ultra cool ‘Highland Hop’ routine in an impromptu session. Hell, we even get to see Ron himself show exactly how a ‘Strike Second’ should be dealt.

There will be a limited edition of 100 specially bound, numbered and signed by Ron which are likely to become highly sought after collectors items even before the rest of the 1000 book run is sold. The books will be available through the Internet and I will give you the ‘Head’s Up’ when all the final details are determined. I must give a very special thank you to Steve Mitchell who used his considerable knowledge and skills to get the book out into the world!

I was also very pleased to be asked to contribute a chapter and trick to ‘Mysteries of my Friends 2,’ the new book by Burton Sperber. This is a fabulous book of fine magic that has been lovingly constructed by a man who knows his magic. The book is available from < While Burt is mostly familiar in the magic world as one of the handful of top-league collectors,’ there is a very savvy performer an inch below the surface.

I wrote a blog entry about my first meeting with Burt where it is honest to say he surprised, confounded and amazed me with a deck of cards, and I have seen some of the best. If you would like to read an amended/updated version of this article, which first appeared in Magic New Zealand,Check it out at

Finally I am delighted to say that I will have the privilege to be one of the participants in Michael Finney’s ‘Dry Heat Classic’ golf tournament inPhoenix, Arizona. The event is into its 14th year and has mixed; golf, celebrities, magic, fun, and great food; and has become one of the most popular annual events in Phoenix. Oh, and along the way has raised over $700,000 for children’s charities.

Anyone who knows Michael is aware what a very special person he is, both onstage and off. He is a one of a kind gentleman who earns your respect by the very nature of his being—not to mention by being one of the funniest comedy magicians of this generation.

Full details about the ‘Dry Heat Classic’ can be found at

If you have a chance come along and join in the fun, you don’t even need to be a golfer as tickets to some of the shows and events are open to the public. Well, I’m out of here; time to restart rehearsing my spiffy new Nielsen/Okito ‘Chinese Sticks.

~ by Nick Lewin on July 2, 2010.

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