Jason Andrews has Talent, watch him tonight on AGT.

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I worked with Jason on a charity project a while back. Like so many other deals like that we both got screwed by non delivery of the promised footage of the three camera shoot that had been promised to us. The charity was a good one though, but it is amazing thing how often when you donate your time, energy and talent it is taken as a sign that you are ripe for exploitation! In a similar manner, when someone tells you that a show is going to be great exposure—–RUN don’t walk away from the project!

We filmed at the Madrid Club in the Sunset Station hotel in Green Valley and it was a very smooth shoot. I shared the bill with a very talented manipulative magician Jason Andrews. In a highly uncharacteristic gesture, I chatted with him afterwards and exchanged cards. He really impressed me with the subtleties he had incorporated into his show. I also really enjoyed the Euro-pop music he used in his act and  a particularly smooth floating ball into billiard ball transition. It was a very cool performance.

In an even more uncharacteristic action, I actually did keep in touch with Jason and Susan and I tried to be of some help with bits of advice. You really can’t do much more for a talented performer than try to cut down the time of his learning curve. Jason was selected to fly out to Dallas and participate in ‘America’s Got Talent,’ to say he came back thrilled with the results would be far from the truth. However it is funny the way Television works and tonight he will be appearing on the show. It isn’t a long set but check it out. Jason just wowed them with his debut week at the Magic Castle and will be returning soon so you can see the real show.

I have a confession to make, I hate any kind of ‘talent show’ and have never watched an episode of ‘AGT’ or ‘American Idol’ but tonight I will make a point of being in front of the TV to watch Jason. I suggest you do to. He has a really fine persona and act and is someone I suspect will make quite an impact on the entertainment world in the very near future.

While he has a ridiculously short time to show off his talent, I suspect this will kick of a long and successful career. Good luck Jason, may ‘The Force,’ and Howie Mandel  be with you!

~ by Nick Lewin on June 2, 2010.

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