The Mystery Lounge in Boston.

Well, having performed there last week it is no surprise to me why the Mystery Lounge is such a success! It is one of the most enjoyable venues I have ever played!  The crowd was great, the company was great and a good time was had by all. OK, I had slight reservations about the egg rolls–but the Samuel Adams Spring Brew more than made up for it!

Best of all was having my entire family present. Neither of my daughters had seen me in ‘comedy club’ mode and were slightly (and I think pleasantly surprised) at this new version of dad.

Sharing a bill, with amongst others, my dear friend Jon Stetson and Steve Kradolpher was the icing on the cake and the appearance of my old friend and agent/producer ‘Hollywood’ Dave Le Camera a cherry on the top!

I will write a column describing the event in detail for Magic New Zealand but couldn’t resist an update in my blog even if just to show a unique photo of me and Jon together with our wives Gail and Susan all at the same time.

Thank you everyone in Boston and at the Mystery Lounge for making my debut in a tiny room on the third floor of a Chinese restaurant such a happy experience!

I can heartily recommend anyone visiting the Boston area to visit the Mystery Lounge in Cambridge and enjoy one of the most delightfully informal and enjoyable experiences in magic world.

Book early though as the room sells out on a regular basis! You can reach their website at the following link.

~ by Nick Lewin on May 29, 2010.

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