Come and say hi in Boston or at my first gig at the Magic Castle in 25 Years!

This is my pre-show video. It is packed with footage of me, my friends and my heroes plus an overview of some of the TV work I have done over the years.

One question that I seem to be constantly asked in the magic community is, “We really enjoy your writing but where can we see you work?” Well, it is a very good question because over the last 25 years my performances have been very scare for magicians to catch. I haven’t played the Magic Castle in 25 years, I have only performed at 6 magic conventions since 1974 and my lectures have been few and far between–mostly for very small and select groups scattered around the globe.

I am finally (not retiring) but slowing down from my private, cruise and corporate dates. I am looking forward to becoming more involved in the world of magic. It is a step that I have been looking forward to for many years and in all truth began with my weekly contribution to Magic New Zealand over four years ago. During 2011 I will be traveling the world, but now performing my lecture and magical conventions.

This would of course be financial ruin were I not to be proceeding with releasing a series of truly professional routines in the form of books, DVDs and career development coaching. As I plan to be rather selective in my approach to ‘uploading’ my magical knowledge,  I’m sure I will be bridging the gap by continuing some of my more instantly profitable gigs.

I would like to announce two upcoming engagements in the magic world which will give me a chance to catch up with my old friends as well as some of my new friends who know me only from my writing. I think you will enjoy seeing the place from where I am talking about comedy magic.

I am delighted to say, that I have finally managed to squeeze into my schedule a booking at the ‘Mystery Lounge’ in Boston on tuesday, May 25th. I have many friends in the area who remember me from my appearances in the 80s at the ‘Comedy Connection’ and ‘Catch a Rising Star.’ I made a whole new group of friends at Hank Lee’s ‘Magic Concave,’ please come by and say hi! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone.

I will also be appearing for a week at the Magic Castle in Hollywood from August 23rd-29th.

The reason for this ‘Never say Never,’ occasion is that it is a one week tribute to my hero, mentor and friend Billy McComb; I will also be lecturing on sunday, August 29th at the Castle. Again I  invite  friends old and new, to be there as I take part in this very special tribute to a very special man!

I wouldn’t have want to have missed either of these dates for the world! Come by and say “Hi.” If you want details then contact me at

Happy Mothers day to all those mothers out there in magic!

~ by Nick Lewin on May 9, 2010.

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