A Chance of a lifetime for a select few,

Well, I have spent a thrilling few weeks traveling around in Europe dodging volcanic ash. I am sorry to have missed a week (did anyone notice?) but things were really chaotic.

When I return to Las Vegas I am putting into effect the next stage of my career. I have traveled enough and done enough shows for this lifetime! I’ve been very lucky to enjoy the blessing of two of the greatest mentors in comedy magic: Ken Brooke and Billy McComb.

I have also worked full time in magic for 40 years and it is becoming time to think about retiring somewhat from performing and expand upon my writing, teaching and videos. It is time to upload my knowledge, however, I plan to do so in a rather unusual and unique manner.

During my 40 years I have performed for Presidents and Royalty,opened for major stars, made over 60 television appearances, had my own on-man show in Las Vegas for five years (the very first,) had a TV and radio series, won awards, headlined in the VERY best comedy clubs for 16 years, worked the classiest cruise ships afloat, made a ton of money in corporate work and made a wonderful living while still finding time to raise a great family.

I have been very lucky, however, if you think it is all luck then you are asleep and dreaming! Billy McComb referred to me as “Nick Lewin my mate, who makes the big bucks!” I am now going to be releasing the information that has made this a reality. I am going to be selective though and I do not want to dilute this information by tossing it out to freely.

I am beginning with a series of seminars on the ‘Multiplying Martinis,’The ‘Himber Linking Finger Rings’ and the ‘Elmsley Newspaper Tear.’

These three tricks are at the heart of the act that has kept me working and making money for many years. All of them can be found somewhere in some form, but what I am offering is a hands on A-Z personal coaching. I will cover details that people who have written books on these tricks know nothing about. I can cut the learning curve of anyone wanting to make money and work as a comedy magician by a decade! We are talking more than tricks here.

This Spring I am giving a seminar in Las Vegas on the ‘Multiplying Martinis’ that will assure those attending an effect they can close shows with for the rest of their lives. Please contact me if you are really interested in what I am offering. As my favorite philosopher once said, “I have really good leather, if you want to make shoes.”

Some of my routines will only include TV performing rights for my early students. Other routines will be offered more freely to a larger market. I am going to accept a handful of students who want to learn

from my experience and use it to make a fine living. I am going to help them with act development and introducing them into work that I have been performing. I have always kept a low profile in the magic world because performing for magicians doesn’t pay the bills. Now I am ready to tip the real work.

I have been very impressed with Jeff McBride’s Mystery School. He has it right. I plan to work with smaller groups and customize their curriculum. Please do not be offended if I chose not to work with you,

I am much more interested in getting it right than in big numbers. It is not within everyone’s ability to be a professional comedy magician.

Comedy is not easy, but believe me “Funny is Money!”

Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more. My email is

Nicklewin1@mac.com or nicklewin@aol.com

And I will look forward to hearing from serious candidates for what I have to offer. It will be Work, but it will also be fun and you will have the ability to end up with a real act, not just a series of tricks. You will also learn how to market it and make it profitable.

If this is not something that is of interest to you personally please forward this column to someone who will benefit from itVery best wishes, Nick Lewin.

~ by Nick Lewin on April 29, 2010.

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