Guest Post from Susan Lewin: Magic Anniversary.

February marks Nick and my 36th wedding anniversary and to honest I have no idea where he is.  When people ask me I say, “He’s somewhere; the Caribbean I think.”  If you are the significant other of a magician you get used to living a very bizzare lifestyle.  Usually I don’t tell people my husband’s profession unless I wish to shock them: then it’s fun to see the look on their faces.  “My husband is a magician, no NOT a musician, a magician.”

One would think that I would be a great lover of magic, but I assure you that I’ve never understood the complexity of it nor do I wish to.  Nick says, “You know more about magic than most people could dream of knowing.”  What I cannot understand is why  magicians memorize tricks and illusions,

perform them one step ahead and in in reverse, often telling jokes and in front of hundreds sometimes thousands of strangers.  I do, however, find magicians in general interesting people.  They are sensitive, intelligent and have a different perspective on the world.  I’ve met many of the greats like Dai Vernon, Ken Brooke, Billy McComb, Ron Wilson, Maurice Fogel, Kuda Bux, Johnny Platt, Bruce Cervon, Albert Goshman,  Alex Elmsley, Terri Rogers, Norm Nielsen, Johnny Thompson, Seigfried and of the list goes on.  To me the most interesting facet of the breed is their childlike enthusiasm for magic and life.

When I met Nick in London 37 years ago I was not thinking that my life was about to change.  I just liked him as he was tall, attractive, friendly and very generous.   Eventually he told me what his career plans were.  He was all of 20 at the time (although he told me he was 25).  By the time I found out the truth it was too late.  As Nick likes to say, “We met in a revolving door and have been going around ever since.”

Nick asked me if I would like to travel the world with him and I said “Yes.” I had come London to find him; I just did not know it was Nick who I was looking for until the trains crashed and the fireworks set off.  We were married in St. Nicholas church in Thames Ditton, UK about one year later.  The relationship has worked out well and produced two smart and beautiful adult daughters, 3 sweet dogs, many cats, hamsters, three hedgehogs and eight residences.

If I were starting all over would I change anything?  Not really.  But I would offer some very clear words of advice. Take note of what people tell you, but listen to your higher self.  It is you who has your best interests at heart.  Be loyal to your friends and family: it’s a tough world out there.  Choose your battles carefully.  Eventually we all mellow out, but it is difficult to understand at first and there is a lot of competition out there.  Work on your act and keep it fresh.  If you are a comedy magician make sure that you include one high quality complex magic trick in your act: something that will make the audiences say “Wow!”

Living life with a magician is not for the faint hearted.  You have to have nerves of steel, inner strength, and be ready to deal with the reality of daily life when they are living in the other world: the world of dreams, show business and impracticality. It was a surprise to me that magic would become my destiny, if only indirectly, but you just never know what will happen in life.  Happy

Anniversary Nick and many more: “It feels like yesterday, and as you know, yesterday was a very long day.” (written in2009.)

~ by Nick Lewin on February 23, 2010.

One Response to “Guest Post from Susan Lewin: Magic Anniversary.”

  1. A very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you BOTH! Great read, Susan! And I’m sure my wife, Lisa, feels the very same way at times. 🙂

    All the best to you two! Hope to see you again soon!

    Chipper 🙂

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